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De Boer A.

Processing old maps and drawings to create virtual historic landscapes, 49-57 [pdf 1.29Mb]

Chias P., T. Abad

The nautical charts of the Spanish Mediterranean coasts in the 18th and 19th centuries: digital methods to compare the cartographical techniques of the main European Navies, 58-74 [pdf 2.33Mb]

Bročić P., I. Kordić, E. Sarajlić

Archives of nautical charts and publications, HHI museum in its formative stage, 75-87 [pdf 361Kb]

Montaner C., R. Roset

Impact of the internet users on the Map Library of Catalonia access collections, 88-96 [pdf 453Kb]

Research Notes

Gercsák G., M. Márton

New terminology of differentiating digital facsimiles, 97-102 [pdf 289Kb]

Livieratos E.

A variant of Rigas Velestinlis Version-A Charta: The Kapesovo copy, 103-106 [pdf 184Kb]

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