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e_Perimetron is a pluralist peer reviewed international journal which does not obey any particular ideological, theoretical or methodological approach in dealing with humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological issues related to map history and cartographic heritage. The journal is published quarterly during the year.


recalls a Greek word for "map" as referenced  in "Γης και θαλάσσης περίμετρον / Ges kai thalassis perimetron / The perimetre of land and sea" [see Dilke O.A.W. (1985), Greek and Roman Maps, Ithaca N.Y.: Cornell]


_Perimetron is intended to function as a modern medium for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and research related to the involvement of new analytical methods and digital information and communication technologies as applied to a manifold of approaches affine to history of maps and cartography in the large. All geoinformatics, geomatics and infographics tools which are or could applied to the historical domain of cartography and maps are welcome as potential topics of interest. This does not mean at all that cartographic issues as seen from a pure historical point of view are not accepted. On the contrary are heartly invited since they could offer fertile grounds for discussion stimulating new ideas and opening new approaches towards the eventual coupling of pure history with modern cartographic processes.


Aim of the venture is to bring together, in harmonic convergence, historians of cartography and maps, cartography scholars and  experts in new digital technologies dealing with cartography and maps in order to create a common space of research targeting at the broadening of cartographic and map history expertise.


The e-journal
The web option for such a journal is based on the intrinsic nature of the topic requiring an easy and fast vehicle for exposing new ideas, paradigms, examples of good practice and any other mean serving the basic aim of the initiative, which is in a state of fast evolution due to the advances of the new computational and graphic digital technologies. The web carrier offers considerable flexibility allowing e.g. the use of meta-illustrations, i.e. animations, which are impossible to use in the traditional paper publications.


Reference of e_Perimetron articles
The reference of articles published in e_ Perimetron is given in the following form:
Falchetta, P. (2006) Perception, cognition and technology in the reading of digital cartography. e- Perimetron 1 (1): 77-80.  [In digital form]


Contributions are submitted in English or French, the official languages of the International Cartographic Association.


Web administrator
Prof. Evangelos Livieratos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, [Contact]