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Balk L.

The National Archives of the Netherlands: manuscript maps and digital access, 203-211 [pdf 464Kb]

Jobst M.

Neo-cartographic interlacement as barrier for Cartographic Heritage, 212-220 [pdf 171Kb]

Bitelli G., S. Cremonini, G. Gatta

Ancient map comparisons and georeferencing techniques: a case study from the Po River Delta (Italy), 221-233 [pdf 424Kb]

Gartner G.

Applying Web Mapping 2.0 to Cartographic Heritage, 234-239 [pdf 160Kb]

Contò F., G. Fanello, M. Pillon

An information system for historical Cadastre of Venice, 240-246 [pdf 380Kb]

Tsorlini A.

Spatial distribution of Ptolemy’s Geographia coordinate differences in North Mediterranean eliminating systematic effects, 247-266 [pdf 842Kb]

Research Notes

Salvadori S., C. Poggetti

Historical cartography in archival contexts: new technological perspectives, 267-271 [pdf 178Kb]

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