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Borbinha J., G. Pedrosa, J. Luzio, H. Manguinhas, B. Martins

The DIGMAP virtual digital library, 1-8 [pdf 342Kb]

Manguinhas H., B. Martins, J. Borbinha, W. Siabato

The DIGMAP geo-temporal web gazetteer service, 9-24 [pdf 275Kb]

Martins B., H. Manguinhas, J. Borbinha, W. Siabato

A geo-temporal information extraction service for processing descriptive metadata in digital libraries, 25-37 [pdf 244Kb]

Capdevilla J., R. Bonilla

Cartographic patrimony in the Spanish SDI. The cadastral series on nineteenth century: Hojas kilométricas (Kilometric sheets), 38-44 [pdf 258Kb]

Tsioukas V., M. Daniil

3D digitization of historical maps, 45-52 [pdf 252Kb]

Research Notes

Montaner C.

Disseminating digital cartographic heritage: Standards and infrastructures, 53-54 [pdf 87Kb]

Hunt, R.

OCLC Tools. Managing and preserving digitised map libraries, 55-60 [pdf 180Kb]

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