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Molteni E., S. Moretti

Maps and drawings of Corfu in the library of the Museo Correr, 1-31 pdf

Balletti C.

Georeference in the analysis of the geometric content of early maps, 32-39 pdf

Boutoura C.

Assigning map projections to portolan maps, 40-50 pdf

Livieratos E.

Graticule versus point positioning in Ptolemy cartographies, 51-59 pdf

Boutoura C., E. Livieratos

Some fundamentals for the study of the geometry of early maps by comparative methods, 60-70 pdf

Research Notes

Livieratos E.

The use of animation in visualizing deformations of a portolan-type map, 71-76 pdf

Falchetta P.

Perception, cognition and technology in the reading of digital cartography, 77-80 pdf

Papadopoulos K.

On the theoretical basis of tactile cartography for the haptic transformation of historic maps, 81-87 pdf

Conferences - Symposia - Workshops
First International Workshop Digital approaches to cartographic heritage, Thessaloniki, 18-19 May 2006
International Symposium Old Worlds-New Worlds: History of colonial cartography from 1750 to 1950, Utrecht, 21-23 August 2006 

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