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Tsioukas V., A. Koussoulakou, M. Pazarli, N. Ploutoglou, M. Daniil, I. Stergiopoulou

Scanning or digitizing in libraries? A test on the efficiency of dedicated book-scanning devices in digitizing bound atlases and maps, 163-169
 [pdf 909 Kb]

Fleet C., P. Přidal
Opening historical maps for community mashups - a case study of the NLS Historical Maps API, 170-181 [pdf 1741 Kb]

Novotná E.
TEMAP: a new project of the Czech Republic for accessing map collections (2011-2015), 182-194 [pdf 291 Kb]

Bitelli G., G. Gatta 
Georeferencing of an XVIII century technical map of Bologna (Italy), 195-204  [pdf 662 Kb]

Piccardi M., F. Lepore     
Looking for a coastal profile: Elba Island as a model for historical iconographic interpretation, 205-219 [pdf 2278 Kb]



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