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Guarducci A., L. Deravignone, B. Gelli, C. Greppi, G. Lauricella, G. Macchi Janica, G. Tarchi

Imago Tusciae: A digital archive of historical maps of Tuscany (Italy), 1-15 [pdf 809Kb]

Lepore F., M. Piccardi, E. Pranzini

The autumn of mediaeval portolan charts. Cartometric issues, 16-27 [pdf 324Kb]

Micalizzi P., S. Magaudda, P. Buonora, L. Sasso d’Elia

A GIS for the city of Rome: archives, architecture, archeology, 28-35 [pdf 355Kb]

Metcalf A. C.

Amerigo Vespucci and the Four Finger (Kunstmann II) World Map, 36-44 [pdf 171Kb]

Research Note

Mészáros J.

The georeferencing method of the 1:5000 scale Danube maps, 45-49 [pdf 165Kb]

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