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Rusiñol M., R. Roset, J. Lladós, C. Montaner

Automatic index generation of digitized map series by coordinate extraction and interpretation, 219-229 [pdf 396Kb]

Fleet C.

Historical maps in ScotlandsPlaces: new collaborative geographic retrieval and presentation options for the National Library of Scotland's maps, 230-243 [pdf 384Kb]

Grosso E.

SEREDONA: A web service platform to integrate historical vector data into current reference frame, 244-253 [pdf 250Kb]

Isaksen L.

Lines, damned lines and statistics: unearthing structure in Ptolemy’s Geographia, 254-260 [pdf 597Kb]

Crăciunescu V., Ş. Constantinescu, I. Ovejanu, I. Rus

Project eHarta: a collaborative initiative to digitally preserve and freely share old cartographic documents in Romania, 261-269 [pdf 475Kb]

Bitelli G., G. Gatta

Experiences on georeferencing of maps from the XIX century Gregorian Cadastre of Bologna (Italy), 270-275 [pdf 194Kb]

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