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Simon R., B. Haslhofer, J. Jung

Annotations, tags and linked data. Metadata enrichment in online map collections through

Volunteer-Contributed Information, 129-137 [pdf 244Kb]

Nieścioruk K.

Analysis and evaluation of the XVIIIth century plan of Lublin as an example of a comprehensive approach

in the research of early cartographic materials, 138-151 [pdf 316Kb]

Koussoulakou A., M. Karantoni, Y. Mitzias, K. Efkleidou

The heritage of archaeological mapping in Greece and some tools for a digital approach, 152-160 [pdf 281Kb]

Adami A., C. Balletti, F. Guerra, C. Monti

Lafrery’s perspective map of Milan (1573): genesis and geometric content, 161-171 [pdf 406Kb]

Papachristou M., M. Pazarli

An interactive secondary education history class project using cartographic heritage interfaces:

The Ancient Olympia landscape key-study, 172-186 [pdf 708Kb]

Heere E.

The accuracy of the maps of Zeeland; Accuracy measurement as part of the cartobibliography, 187-199 [pdf 636Kb]

Livieratos E., C. Boutoura, M. Pazarli, N. Ploutoglou, A. Tsorlini

The very first printed map in Greek, a derived map from Dutch cartography: Chrysanthos Notaras' world map (1700)

vs Jan Luyts' world map (1692), 200-218 [pdf 745Kb]

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