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Moscicka A., M. Marzec

Old maps as a part of movable heritage accessible from the online map, 181-193 [pdf 420Kb]

Oreni D., R. Brumana, M. Scaioni, F. Prandi

Navigating on the past, as a bird flight, in the territorial scale of historical topographic maps. WMS on the “Corografie delle Province del Regno Lombardo-Veneto”, for accessing cadastral map catalogue, 194-211 [pdf 1.27Mb]

Źyszkowska W., E. Szynkiewicz, A. Osowska, D. Przybytek

Georeference and digitalization of the cartographic collections of the University of Wrocław, 212-225 [pdf 609Kb]

Magaš D., L. Mirošević, J. Faričić

Cartographic heritage in the Zadar (Croatia) scientific and cultural institutions, 226-239 [pdf 434Kb]

Landek I., I. Grubić

Topographic maps production on Croatian soil – project presentation, 240-249 [pdf 204Kb]

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