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Chias P., T. Abad

GIS tools for comparing historical and contemporary landscapes through local maps series, 61-72 [pdf 557Kb]

Henrie D.

Ordnance Survey historic town plans of Scotland (1847-1895): Geo-referencing and web delivery with ArcIMS and OpenLayers, 73-85 [pdf 361Kb]

Monti C., C. Achille, R. Brumana, S. Musumeci, D. Oreni, M. Signori

“Perspectives” on the 3-D analysis through the cadastral map series (XVIII – XX sec.) and the first geodetic large scale map of Milan realized by the Astronomi di Brera (Astronomers of Brera): toward an advanced portal, 86-100 [pdf 961Kb]

Pazarli M.

Mediterranean islands in Tabula Peutingeriana, 101-116 [pdf 676Kb]

Tsorlini A.

Higher order systematic effects in Ptolemy’s Geographia coordinate description of Iberia, 117-130 [pdf 733Kb]

Fairbairn D.

Using vedute to source geospatial information: data flowline and accuracies, 131-139 [pdf 375Kb]

Research Notes

Lovison-Golob, L.

Increasing access to historical cartography through the web: the Darfur Case, 140-143 [pdf 223Kb]

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