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This issue is a collection of papers on "Charta" (1796-1797) the twelve-sheet map by Rigas Velestinlis (1757-1798)

Tolias G.

Antiquarianism, Patriotism and Empire. Transfer of the cartography of the Travels of Anacharsis the Younger, 1788-1811, 101-119 [pdf 615Kb]

Livieratos E.

On the cartography of Rigas Charta, 120-145 [pdf 587Kb]

Boutoura C.

On the map projection of Rigas Velestinlis Charta, 146-160 [pdf 657Kb]

Manoledakis M.

Ancient sites on Righa’s Charta. Some remarks based on the case of central Macedonia, 161-172 [pdf 870 Kb]

Pazarli M.

The coins represented in Righas Charta as a major thematic cartographic element, 173-182 [pdf 610 Kb]

Research Notes

Livieratos E.

On the unveiling of two versions of Rigas Velestinlis Charta, 183-190 [pdf 440Kb]


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