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Visintini D., F. Guerra, A. Adami, P. Vernier

A 3D Virtual model of the Gorizia downtown (Italy) by matching historical maps with aerial and terrestrial surveying techniques, 117-133 [pdf 629Kb]

Brumana R., C. Achille

e- Historical sites. Georeferencing as availability of space-temporal data: Historical cartography towards advanced 3D view, 134-159 [pdf 1.52Mb]

Drakoulis D.

The study of late antique cartography through web based sources, 160-172 [pdf 445Kb]

Ploutoglou N., M. Pazarli, K. Papadopoulos

The digital rotational and scale fitting of Bordone’s isolario in a continuous insular map of Greece, 173-184 [pdf 445Kb]

Research Notes

Gang L.

The Chinese inventor of bi-hemispherical world map, 185-193 [pdf 275Kb]

Books - Proceedings

Erik Grafarend and Friedrich Krumm, 2006: Map Projections, Springer, ISBN 3-540-36701-2, pages 713, figs. 230.

Giorgio Mangani, 2006: Cartografia Morale. Geografia, persuasione, identità, F. Cosimo Panini, ISBN 88-8290-818-6, pages 255, figs.18.

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The 22nd International Conference on History of Cartography (ICHC), Berne, July 8-13, 2007.

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