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B. Vannieuwenhuyze
The “Digital Thematic Deconstruction” of early modern urban maps and bird’s-eye views, 160-177 [pdf 1161Kb]

K. Lelo, C. M. Travaglini
Historical cartography and the study of urban cultural heritage: the case of Rome in the 18th century, 178-186 [pdf 1513Kb]

E. Arioti, G. Bitelli, G. Gatta
Analysis in a digital environment of the multi-storey arrangement of the Gregorian Cadastre of Bologna (Italy) - XIX century, 187-199 [pdf 1650 Kb]

C. Balletti, M. Calzavara, F. Guerra, M. Mazzanti
Walking through historical maps of Venice, 200-208 [pdf 1071Kb]


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