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M. St. Popović, B. Sandric

Transfer of (historical) geographic knowledge Then and Now. From static data to user oriented visualization, 50-61 [pdf 632Kb]

Ε. Schönherr

The expansion of Barcelona in the early modern age. Aspects of a historian’s access to historical maps and the search for new representations of historical spatial information, 62-72 [pdf 327Kb]

H. Southall, P. Přidal

Old Maps Online: Enabling global access to historical mapping, 73-81 [pdf 242Kb]

Μ. Gede, J. Mészáros

The possible use of free on-line tools for digitizing old relief models, 82-88 [pdf 467Kb]

Research Note

S. Anguita, C. Montaner, J. Oller, R. Roset

Digital preservation at the Institut Cartogrŕfic de Catalunya, 89-96 [pdf 350 Kb]

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