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Special issue: On the Austrian impact in Greek Cartography (late 18th, 19th and early 20th c.)


Livieratos E.

Panorama of the Austrian cartographic impact in the late 18th, 19th and early 20th century Greece. A strong example of the international character of Cartographic Heritage, 1-13 [pdf 421Kb]

Pazarli M., A. Tsorlini, E. Livieratos

“Vienna, late 18th century…”: Birth and importance of two monuments of Greek cartographic heritage, the Rigas Velestinlis’ Charta and the Anthimos Gazis’ Pinax, from a digital point of view, 14-28 [pdf 724Kb]

Ploutoglou N., C. Boutoura, E. Livieratos, M. Pazarli

Franz von Weiss’ maps of SE Europe (1821, 1829) issued in two crucial dates associated with the establishment of the Modern Greek state in early 19th century: A digital comparative approach, 29-38 [pdf 436Kb]

Boutoura C., N. Ploutoglou, A. Tsorlini

The von Scheda 1:300.000 map tradition as the basis for the official map coverage of Greece and its updating in late 19th century, 39-45

[pdf 376Kb]

Koussoulakou A., A. Tsorlini, C. Boutoura

On the Generalkarte coverage of the northern part of Greece and its interactions with the relevant subsequent Greek map series, 46-56 [pdf 481Kb]

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