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Gaspar J. A.

Dead reckoning and magnetic declination: unveiling the mystery of portolan charts, 191-203 [pdf 475Kb]

Roset R., N. Ramos

Present and future of the Map Library of Catalonia, 204-224 [pdf 967Kb]

Kimaid M.

Of Land Ordinances and Liberia: Maps as tools of early American territorial expansion, 225-242 [pdf 767Kb]

Research Notes

Adami A., F. Guerra

Coronelli’s Virtual Globe, 243-250 [pdf 386Kb]

Gartner G.

Cartographic Heritage in the eyes of artists and cartographers –experiences from the International Symposium on “Cartography and Art”, 251-256 [pdf 205Kb]


4th International Workshop "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage", Venice, Italy, 6-7 April 2009

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