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Cesnulevicius A., G Beconyte

Lithuanian historical maps: periods, methods, accuracy and perspectives 253-261 [pdf 390kb]

Fernandez-Wyttenbach A., D. Ballari, M. Manso

Digital map library of the Canary Islands 262-273 [pdf 576kb]

Balletti C.

Digital elaborations for the cartographic reconstruction: The territorial transformation of Venice harbours in historical maps, 274-286 [pdf 583kb]

Daniil M.

Comparing by digital transparency the differences between two almost identical 17th century maps of the Aegean Sea 287-296 [pdf 839kb]

Heere, E.

The use of GIS with property maps, 297-307 [pdf 607kb]

Research Notes

Zentai L.

Preservation of modern cartographic production, 308-313 [pdf 168kb]

Books - Proceedings

Antonio Millo Isolario, The manuscript isolario 1582 in facsimile reproduction by Sylvia Ioannou, Athens, 2006,


The ICA WG on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage 2nd International Workshop, Athens, Greece, May 18-19 2007 (Jointly with the Colloquium 'A digital look at Righas Charta' for the 250 years anniversary from the birth of Righas Velestinlis)

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