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Piero Falchetta

Fra Mauro's World Map

Brepols Publishers, Turnhout 2006, info@brepols.net, www.brepols.net

[In the series Terrarum Orbis - TO 5, General editor Patrick Gautier Dalch]

With a Commentary and Translations of the Inscriptions

820 p. 16 b/w ill. + 2 colour ill., 210x270 mm, + 1 CD, 2006, Hardback; ISBN 978-2-503-51726-1,

110 (excl. BTW/IVA/VAT)


Fra Mauro's map of the world - a masterpiece of western cartography, composed around 1450 - has until now never been the subject of a modern study, despite its immense renown. The map has been reproduced and cited in hundreds of books, but the most recent full study was in 1806: Placido Zurla's Il mappamondo di Fra Mauro. The present book aims at an analysis and an in-depth study of this important document, offering the reader an understanding within its contemporary cultural framework.

The project is the result of collaboration between historians and scholars belonging to two Venetian istitutions, the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana - where the map is still preserved - and the Centro Interdipartimentale di Rilievo, Cartografia ed Elaborazione (CIRCE) of Venice's Iuav University. The latter contains not only a high-resolution image of the map, but also software for cross consulatation of text and image, in order to allow 'navigation' between the map and its inscriptions.


Piero Falchetta is curator of maps at the Marciana National Library in Venice


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