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Hruby F., I. Plank, A. Riedl

Cartographic heritage as shared experience in virtual space: A digital representation of the earth globe of Gerard Mercator (1541), 88-98 pdf

Fleet C.

'Locating trees in the Caledonian forest': A critical assessment of methods for presenting series mapping over the web, 99-112 pdf

Heuvel, C. van den

Modelling historical evidence in digital maps: A preliminary sketch, 113-126 pdf

Jobst M.

Hybrid considerations on sustainability of cartographic heritage, 127-137 pdf

Livieratos E., A. Koussoulakou

Vermeer's maps: A new digital look in an old master's mirror, 138-154 pdf

Research Notes

Rystedt B.

The cadastral cartographic heritage of Sweden, 155-163 pdf

Adami A., F. Guerra.

3d digital maps: New development in cartography for cultural heritage, 164-169 pdf

Lovison-Golob L.

Bringing the age of exploration of Africa and its heritage to the web, 170-177 pdf

Books - Proceedings
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L. Zentai, J. Györffy, Z. Török (eds) Map-Science, ELTE, Budapest 2006. 
Z. Török, K. Irás (eds.) Changing Borders, 21st ICHC, Budapest 2006.
E. Livieratos (ed.) Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage, NCMCH, Thessaloniki 2006.
A. Postnikov (ed.) Development of Ideas and Methods in Cartography, Russ. Acad. Sci., Moscow 2006.
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