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Dimitrios Rossikopoulos

Mtron Geometrikn. I istora ton epistimn tis apotposis

(Geometric Measure, The history of surveying sciences)

Ziti Publications, Thessaloniki 2006.

293 p. with colour ill., 240x300 mm, Paperback; ISBN 960-456-009-3.

... A history of measurements as a vital component of the World civilization in twelve chapters, from antiquity to 18th century, emphasizing the contribution of the Greeks from the Classical and Hellenistic era to the Byzantine tradition. Measuring instruments from gnomon, the dioptra, the astrolabe, the tetrands and the rod to the theodolites, the telescopes and the clocks, products of technology but also words of poetry, take part in real stories of astronomy, geodesy and surveying involving myths, facts, cultures, discoveries, inventions, tools and machineries, adventures, antagonisms and litigations, excursions and navigations, triumphs and illusions, conflicts and controversies in the irresistible endeavour of Man to expand his power in geographical space... (in Greek, with an introduction by E. Livieratos)

The author is professor of surveying at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, rossi@topo.auth.gr

Contact: sales@ziti.gr

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