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Pearson A. W.

Digitizing and analyzing historical maps to provide new perspective on the development of the agricultural landscape of England and Wales,  178-193 pdf

Benavides J., E. Koster

Identifying surviving landmarks on historical maps, 194-208 pdf

Koster E.

XML-Coding technical accuracy and historical evidence in digital historical maps, 209-220 pdf

Kowal K. C.

Mercator, hands-on: the use of "experiential" technology for atlases, 221-229 pdf

Tsioukas V., M. Daniil, E. Livieratos

Possibilities and problems in close range non-contact 1:1 digitization of antique maps, 230-238 pdf

Research Notes

Jenny B.

MapAnalyst - A digital tool for the analysis of the planimetric accuracy of historic maps, 239-245 pdf

Jessop M..

Promoting cartographic heritage via digital resources on the Web, 246-252 pdf


Books - Proceedings

F. Cavazzana Romanelli and G. Grivaud, Cyprus 1542. The Great Map of the Island by Leonida Attar, The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. Nicosia, 2006,

D. Rossikopoulos Metron Geometrikon, Ziti Publ, Thessaloniki 2006.

Proceedings of the International Symposium, Old Worlds New Worlds: History of Colonial Cartography from 1750 to 1950, Utrecht University, The Netherlands), 21-23 August 2006 (see Conferences and events).


The International Conference on History of Cartography, Bern, Switzerland, July 8-13 2007

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