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B. Gounaris
Macédoine ou Comenοlitari? A Historical Comment on Early Modern Cartography, 1-7 [pdf 738Kb]

G.Goerz, M. Scholz
Semantic annotation for medieval cartography: The example of the Behaim Globe of 1492, 8-20 [pdf 294Kb]

M. De Silva, A. Guarducci, L. Rombai

The Grosseto plain (Tuscany, Italy) in historical maps (18th - 20th centuries): georeferencing of historic landscape, 21-36 [pdf 1740 Kb]

F. Fodorean, I. Fodorean, C. Moldovan
Recreating the landscape of the former Roman Dacia using modern 19th century cartography, digital data and GIS, 37-55 [pdf 1906Kb]

Research Note

V. Tsioukas

Free software solutions for the creation and manipulation of 3D representations of historical maps, 56-59 [pdf 213 Kb]


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