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Šolar R., D. Radovan

The change of paradigms in digital map libraries, 53-62 [pdf 329Kb]

Fernández-Wyttenbach A., J. Moya-Honduvilla, M. Álvarez, M. Bernabé-Poveda

First approaches to the usability of digital map libraries, 63-76 [pdf 418Kb]

Bouvin G., W. Bracke

Digitization and analytical bibliography, 77-85 [pdf 864Kb]

Gómez-Muñoz A., B. González-Suárez

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) for web dissemination of historical cartography of Extremadura, 86-94 [pdf 418 Kb]

Research Notes

E. Livieratos

The Anthimos Gazis world map in Kozani, 95-100 [pdf 210Kb]


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