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Davie M. F., M. Frumin

Late 18th century Russian Navy maps and the first 3D visualization of the walled city of Beirut, 52-65 [pdf 380Kb]

Alves Gaspar J.

The myth of the square chart, 66-79 [pdf 434Kb]

Livieratos E., A. Tsorlini, C. Boutoura

Coordinate analysis of Ptolemy’s Geographia Europe Tabula X with respect to geographical graticule and point positioning in a Ptolemaic late 15th century map, 80-91 [pdf 2,05Mb]

Orciani M., V. Frazzica, L. Colosi, F. Galletti

Gregoriano Cadastre: Transformation of old maps into Geographical Information System and their contribution in terms of acquisition, processing and communication of historical data, 92-104 [pdf 490Kb]

Research Notes

Reyes Nuñez J. J

A website about map history for Hungarian pupils, 105-113 [pdf 238Kb]

Wolodtschenko A., T. Forner

Prehistoric and early historic maps in Europe: Conception of Cd-Atlas, 114-116 [pdf 370Kb]

Books - Proceedings

Antonio Millo, Isolario, 1582, AdVenture, Athens,  2006,

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A new gateway for historical GIS from Germany


The programme of the Island Cartographies: Knowledge and Power / Cartographie des île : enjeux de savoir – enjeux de pouvoir organized the National Hellenic Research Foundation (G. Tolias) and the Ramses 2 Project (J.-L. Arnaud), 16-17 July 2007

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