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Bandrova T., A. Kameranov

Present condition and proposal for conservation of old maps in Bulgaria, 1-8 [pdf 1,6Mb]

Boutoura C., G. Dalas

A digital study on the 'Generalkarte' relief representation, 9-30 [pdf 18,3Mb]

Manoledakis M., E. Livieratos

On the digital placement of Aegae, the first capital of ancient Macedonia, according to Ptolemy's Geographia, 31-41 [pdf 538Kb]

Research Notes

De Genaro M., F. ContÚ, M. Gnesutta, M. Scarso, A. Zampieri

The digital archive of aerial photos and its on-line publication, 42-47 [pdf 1,7Mb]

A. Wolodtschenko

Some aspects of the prehistoric maps as cultural heritage, 48-51 [pdf 98Kb]

Books - Proceedings

Guido Amoretti, Serenissima Repubblica in Grecia, Piemonte Region, Torino,  2006,

Web sites

Cartography in Cultural Heritage, a new web site from Greece, dedicated to history of cartography and maps from a digital point of view.


The programme of the 2nd International Workshop of ICA WG on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage, Athens, Greece, May 18-19 2007 (Jointly with the Colloquium 'A digital look at Righas Charta' for the 250 years anniversary from the birth of Righas Velestinlis)

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