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Vol.16, No.1 (2021)


T. W. Shawa
Princeton at the turn of the 20th Century: Building geospatial data to tie the 12th population Census (1900) of the United States to individual addresses, 1-14

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C. Balletti, R. Gibin, C. Gottardi, E. Livieratos
Preliminary numerical investigations on the “Liber de Existencia Riveriarum et Forma Maris Nostri Mediterranei”, 15-26

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L. Denis
Using Wikidata to Extract Cartographic Resources from Archival Collections, 27-38

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E. Gkadolou
Place names at the time of the establishment of the Hellenic State: towards the development of a historical gazetteer from the map of the French Scientific Mission, 39-54

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