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Vol.14, No.1 (2019)


M. van Egmond
A new online historical atlas: the Dutch Bosatlas digitized and annotated (1877-1939), 1-12

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R. Ranzi, K. Werth, F. Gentilin, S. Mangiapane
The Adige River map in 1:20,736 scale by Leopoldo de Claricini-Dornpacher (1847), 13-25

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I. Fowler, K. Gwinn-Becker
Beyond the Framework: Transforming twentieth-century library websites into twenty-first century digital collections, 26-37

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M. Santamaria-Varas, P. Martinez-Diez
The Historic Charter of Barcelona (CHB), 38-50

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G. Timár, B. P. Kocsis, G. Molnár , M. Deligios , V. Baiocchi , C. Galambos , E. Biszak
Habsburg topographic cartography of the Italian peninsula in the first half of the 19th century, 51-58


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